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Welcome to Pokemon Gaia[]

Welcome to the Pokemon Gaia wiki. Pokemon Gaia is a Fire Red ROM hack created by Spherical Ice. The events of Pokemon Gaia unfold in the Orbtus Region, a region known for its history.

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Currently Under Construction[]

This wiki, along with others, is currently under construction. If you are currently playing Pokemon Gaia, and would like to update our pages with accurate information, you are more than welcome to!

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Pokemon Locations[]

Changed Evolutions[]


Seros Gym Nestpine Gym Windmist Gym Valoon Gym Telmurk Gym Precimos Gym Atsail Gym Loamas Gym
Celanto TownArchan TownSeros VillageAerous CityNestpine TownWindmist CitySabulo Island
Valoon TownTelmurk CityPrecimos IslandEdashore TownAtsail CityLoamas TownIkos Town
Katosurf TownOvarr Island
Celanto LibraryArchan TunnelWisp ForestAerous MuseumFrostbite CaveRimewood Forest
Apex TempleSabulo CaveSabulo TowerNemesis CaveBattle Marsh FacilityTelmurk Warehouse
Ferre RuinsCosmic CavernsAtsail Cold StorageIgnis CatacombsIkos RuinsOvarr Dungeon
Victory RoadPokemon League
Reliquia RuinsCelanto PathArchan HillsSeros PathAerous RoadNestpine Climb
Windmist SummitIgnis RoostSabulo CrossSharpgust SpanSouthsea StretchValoon Way
Nemesis RiverTelmurk SwampBattle MarshTelmurk OutskirtsPrecimos StraitPrecimos Depths
Edashore ReachEdamist HeightsGyarados BridgeAtsail BayLoamas FieldsIkos Canyon
Ignis ValleyVictory FallsKatosurf Trench

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Pokemon Gaia Boxart:

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